Support for Office Establishment and Relocation
United Kingdom, Key European Countries

We can assist with some of the general affairs and legal tasks involved when Japanese companies expand into the UK or other key European countries, as well as when they relocate within the region. We actively support the success of overseas expansion companies and provide comprehensive office setup services. Our staff, who are acquainted with the support needed by Japanese companies and familiar with local business customs and regulations, efficiently support various tasks to help establish an office environment tailored to your needs as quickly as possible. We offer our services primarily in London, the capital of the UK, and also in other major cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, according to your desired area.

Setting up office in UK and Europe

Overview of main services

Property survey and market analysis

The process of creating and presenting a Commercial Property Market Trends Analysis Report for potential areas and proposing suitable properties refers to "Property survey and market analysis" which involves conducting research and analysis on commercial properties in a specific area to find the most appropriate options.

Property survey and market analysis

  • We will focus on the commercial property market of the specific region where you are considering business expansion, in order to clarify which area you are considering for your operations.
  • We will define the scope of the survey and identify the requirements such as property type (store, office, warehouse, etc.), size, and budget.

Selection of the region and definition of the survey scope

  • We will investigate the trends in the commercial property market of the selected region. This includes analyzing the fluctuation of property prices, the balance between demand and supply, and the situation of competing properties.
  • Taking into consideration factors such as regional economy, population demographics, and industrial structure, we will also forecast future market trends.

On-site investigation and data collection

  • We will visit the selected region and conduct on-site research. We will examine competing properties, commercial infrastructure, and pedestrian traffic in the vicinity.
  • We will collect various data (property prices, sizes, conditions, facilities, etc.) and establish a foundation for analysis.

Identifying suitable properties

  • Based on the collected data and analysis results, we will identify properties that meet the requirements of your business.
  • Taking into account factors such as property availability, future growth potential, and regional development plans, we will identify the most suitable properties.

Creating and presenting property proposals

  • Based on the identified suitable properties, we will create a proposal document. This will include detailed information about the properties, room for price negotiation, contract conditions, and more.
  • The proposal document is carefully crafted to align with the business expansion plans and will be used by the client for explanation and negotiation purposes.

Project planning and management

Office relocation project planning and management involves planning and effectively executing the entire process of relocating the office to a new location.

Planning and strategizing:
We will hear and understand the client's vision and requirements, and develop a comprehensive plan for the office project, whether it involves setting up a new office or relocating. This includes creating an overall schedule, budget, determining the location and size of the new office, functional requirements, relocation date, resource allocation, and clarifying the scope and objectives of the project.
Execution or implementation:
Once the plan is finalized, we enter the execution phase. The project manager and the expert team will proceed with the construction or relocation tasks based on the plan and monitor the overall progress.
Progress monitoring or progress management:
We will regularly monitor the progress of the project and create progress reports. Through effective communication with stakeholders, we ensure transparency in the progress.

Office relocation, moving, and office layout design during the move

Relocation support or moving assistance:
We will plan and execute the moving process, which includes packing belongings, arranging transportation, and coordinating the loading and unloading.
Office layout design:
We will design the office layout to ensure an optimal working environment in the new office space. This includes desk arrangement, placement of shared spaces, and design of meeting rooms. Consideration will be given to promoting employee communication and efficiency.

Legal support for office establishment or relocation

Legal support for office establishment or relocation involves providing assistance with the legal aspects when opening a new office or moving an existing office to a new location.

Verification of legal regulations and compliance:
We will verify the legal regulations and compliance requirements related to the region or industry, and ensure that the client is in conformity with them. This may include providing advice on taxation and regulations related to commercial real estate.
Negotiation of rent and lease terms:
We will negotiate the terms related to rent and lease duration, providing support for the client to secure suitable offices or stores within their budget. Additionally, considerations may include options for lease renewal, termination conditions, and other related factors.
Negotiation and drafting of contract terms:
We will negotiate the lease contract terms for the property and provide advice to maximize the client's interests. Once negotiations have reached an agreement, we will draft the contract, ensuring that it includes the necessary legal language and conditions appropriately.
Legal interpretation and advice:
We provide interpretation of the legal conditions and provisions included in the lease contract, ensuring that the client understands the contract terms accurately. This includes offering clear advice on legal risks and obligations.
Monitoring and coordination of procedures:
We will review the lease agreement process and coordinate the necessary procedures. This includes contract signing, appropriate verification processes, and arrangements for payments.

IT infrastructure setup or IT environment establishment

We provide support in setting up the IT environment, which includes procuring servers, cloud environments, and PCs, as well as building an environment that meets the requirements. We also assist in preparing internet and telephone lines, devising information security measures, and building an efficient and secure working environment.

IT infrastructure setup and procurement

Servers and cloud environments:

Based on the business requirements, we will select and build an appropriate server infrastructure and cloud platform. This includes designing to ensure proper performance, scalability, and security.

Procurement of PCs and other equipment:

We will procure devices such as PCs and laptops that are necessary for employees' work. This includes considering factors such as performance, security features, and functionality for remote work.

Establishment of network infrastructure

Internet connection setup:

We will select and implement an appropriate internet connection based on the required communication speed and bandwidth. This is an essential element for smooth business operations and utilization of cloud services.

Telephone line setup:

We will ensure proper communication means and provide support in the implementation or upgrade of telephone lines that meet your business needs.

Information security measures

Development of security measures or designing security strategies:

We will develop comprehensive information security measures based on the client's business needs and risk profile. This includes data protection, access control, vulnerability management, and more.

Implementation of security software:

We will implement security software such as antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection, and prevention systems to ensure protection against the latest threats.

Training and awareness raising:

We will provide information security training to employees and promote awareness and understanding of security measures.

Support for property management

Office or store property management involves ensuring smooth operations and proper maintenance, repair, cleaning, security measures, and overall facility management when owning or utilizing office spaces or stores. We will support the development of plans and strategies for general facility management.

Proposal for long-term office management and maintenance plan

Regular maintenance:
We will propose and, as needed, implement a regular maintenance plan for office facilities and IT infrastructure
Office management support:
We will explore long-term office management strategies and support the maintenance of a comfortable office environment. In the event of issues such as property malfunctions, we may dispatch professional technicians or specialists to provide repair or resolution solutions, depending on the nature of the problem. Examples of professionals that may be required include architects, electricians, and plumbers.

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