UK Real Estate Investment
Experienced consultants supporting real estate investments

We provide support for real estate investments in the UK and Europe, with the aim of asset diversification and property purchases based on relocation. Our experienced consultants with specialized knowledge will listen to your needs, clarify your requirements, conduct property investigations, and provide tailored recommendations, including advice. We also offer guidance on investment opportunities, such as the management of income properties and exit strategies.

Property Investment

Overview of main services

Consulting services related to real estate purchase, rental, and management

We provide strategic support for investors to effectively manage their assets and achieve optimal returns. Our specialized consulting services cover real estate purchase, rental, and asset management. The key services and process involved include the following.

Purchase assistance

The selection of properties when starting a real estate investment is crucial. We provide support from pre-purchase due diligence, researching local characteristics based on investment objectives, evaluating properties, considering expected yields, creating a long list of potential properties taking future value into account, narrowing down to a shortlist, and assisting with the final property selection.

Rental management

We leverage our group company to assist with tenant acquisition after property purchase, drafting lease agreements for landlords after tenant selection, negotiating with tenants, and finalizing and concluding contracts. After the commencement of the lease, our group company supports rent collection, property maintenance and repairs, and communication with tenants.

Operation and management

We provide support for real estate operation and management with the aim of maximizing rental income. This includes compliance assistance with tax-related procedures concerning property income in the UK for foreign investors and regular inspections based on maintenance plans.

Providing information on the real estate investment market

We provide tailored analysis reports of the real estate investment market from an expert perspective to match your investment requirements.

Consulting related to real estate selling (investment exit)

We provide a strategic approach to selling your real estate assets at the best possible conditions. Here are a few steps involved in the process.


Market analysis and valuation

To accurately assess the value of the real estate, our experts conduct market analysis and valuation. This includes appraising the property based on factors such as comparable property sale prices and local market trends.


Decision on the optimal timing

The real estate market can fluctuate depending on the timing. Consultants assist in determining the optimal selling timing and help decide on the timing of the sale based on market trends and demand.


Improvement and preparation

We provide advice on areas for improvement or repairs if necessary, to make the property more appealing.


Development of pricing strategy

It is important to develop a strategy for the selling price. Taking into account the balance with market prices, we determine the final pricing.


Marketing strategy

We develop a marketing strategy to attract the right target audience of buyers.



We aim to achieve a sale on the best possible terms. We provide support for contract signing and transaction closing.

Real estate purchase consulting for moving to the UK

With the client's relocation goals in mind, our consultants with long-standing residence in the UK will work to concretize preferences for desired living environment, convenience of the locality, budget, and other requirements through consultation. We provide support for researching, presenting, negotiating prices and contracts, as well as assisting with the contractual procedures for identifying suitable property options that meet the specified conditions.

Real estate-related consulting for repatriation

We provide tailored support for UK residents returning to Japan, including assistance with moving, various procedures, and other needs specific to our clients.

Relocation assistance

We collaborate with partner companies that specialize in international relocation to support preparation, moving, and related procedures.

Assistance with housing selection

When searching for a place to live in Japan, you can utilize real estate agents or online property listing websites. We provide support in finding a residence that suits the characteristics of the area and your lifestyle.

Living adjustment support

When living abroad for an extended period of time, various types of support are necessary to adapt to settling in Japan. We provide advice and information on lifestyle adjustments to assist with the transition.

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