Expatriate Relocation Services

UK and Europe, HR and GA department support (expatriate assignments - return)

We provide support so that the Human Resources and General Affairs departments can focus on their core responsibilities. Our company offers high-quality one-stop relocation support to ensure that the assignee and their family can start their new life overseas without stress. Additionally, we provide support for a comfortable, safe, and secure living experience throughout the duration of the assignment, from departure to repatriation.

Meeting about Relocation Service

Support services for pre-assignment preparation

Pre-assignment online orientation

In the orientation, we provide essential information to help you start your new life with peace of mind after your assignment. This includes providing information on rental property options, temporary serviced apartments if needed, procedures for opening a bank account, medical services, transportation options, and other fundamental aspects of building your living foundation. We aim to support assignees in adapting to their new environment as quickly as possible.

Arrangement and booking of serviced apartments

A serviced apartment is a stay facility that caters to both long-term and short-term accommodations, equipped with amenities such as a kitchen and a washing machine, depending on the location. We handle your requests, enquiries, and investigate availability and rates for reservations. We confirm the details regarding your stay period, pricing, payment methods, cancellation policy, and finalize the booking. If your stay is for more than 7 days, the address can also be used for opening a bank account.

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Comprehensive support for relocation to the UK and major European countries

Property investigation

Finding a rental property that meets your preferences and requirements can be challenging when it comes to cultural differences, misunderstandings arising from customs and language barriers, as well as varying rental property regulations. Our experienced consultants with specialized knowledge will listen to your needs, clarify your requirements, conduct investigations to find suitable properties, and provide recommendations including advice. Our advice covers aspects such as the characteristics of the area, safety, convenience for children's schools and daily life, and we assist in making the optimal property selection.

Arrangement and accompaniment for property viewings

We will coordinate the viewing schedule of desired properties to align with the schedule of the assignee, and accompany them during the viewings (online viewings are also available). During the property viewings, our consultants will provide detailed explanations about the property's features, conditions, rent, characteristics of the area, and safety. We will also offer advice from a professional perspective regarding the property's condition, amenities, and the local infrastructure.

Temporary provision of holding deposit

This service involves the temporary provision of the holding deposit that the client is required to pay to the landlord or real estate agency when entering into a rental agreement. The holding deposit is typically required to be paid immediately as part of the rental contract and serves as a deposit to secure the property reservation.

Support for property contracts

When making an application (offer) for a desired property, various negotiations regarding move-in date, rent, furnishings, and contract terms will be necessary. Our consultants, who hold the professional qualification of MARLA (Member of the Association of Residential Letting Agents) in the UK real estate rental industry, will carefully review the contract details and conduct negotiations taking into account your specific preferences.

Move-in coordination

During the property move-in process, a specialized professional known as an inventory clerk will conduct an inventory check-in. This involves verifying the condition of furniture, fixtures, and the overall state of the property, as well as checking the readings of utility meters such as electricity, gas, and water. The inventory clerk will thoroughly inspect the property, noting any issues and creating a report that may include photographs.

Setting up various utility services, internet accounts, and council tax registration
(online support)

When moving into a new property, it is necessary to set up various utility services such as electricity, gas, and water, as well as internet and council tax registration. Typically, contacting the respective service providers and establishing contracts is required for utility services and internet. We will assist you online during the registration process, connecting with you to provide support.

Support for repair requests and maintenance issues at the property
(post-move-in support)

In case of any issues or problems at the property, we provide post-move-in support by identifying and assessing them via phone or email, confirming the details and urgency with you, and liaising with the property management company and landlord to report the issues. Depending on the situation, we may also coordinate with local contractors to assess the situation and provide support for a prompt resolution. (Normally, tenants have the responsibility to report any issues with the property to the landlord or property management company immediately.)
The process of addressing property issues can vary depending on the property owner and management company. It is important to review the lease agreement, contact the relevant parties involved, and follow any specific guidelines or procedures to ensure appropriate assistance is provided.

Support for opening a bank account
(online or in-person visit support)

We facilitate the account opening process through two phone calls (each lasting approximately 1 hour), online form completion, and uploading of ID documents with the designated bank. There is no need to visit a branch, and the account can be opened as quickly as the next day from the first phone call, with an average processing time of 2-3 business days. The debit card and PIN can be sent to your company or your home (or current residence) address based on your preference. Additionally, you have the option to apply for a credit card.

Introduction to Japanese used car dealerships and car leasing

We can provide introductions to Japanese used car dealerships or car leasing companies operating in the UK. You will have a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to find the best fit for your budget and needs. It is important to prepare the necessary driver's license and insurance information before making a reservation. It is also crucial to carefully review traffic laws and driving rules in the UK.

Introduction to household insurance

We can introduce you to Japanese household insurance companies. Plans, coverage options, and premiums for household insurance can vary among insurance providers. Before choosing a plan that suits your needs, it is important to compare different providers and thoroughly understand the details of the insurance policy

Advice on enrolling children in schools
(in the case of accompanying family members)

We provide support for searching and applying to schools for accompanying children. Depending on your preferences, we can offer advice on choosing between private or public schools, while considering the selection of residential areas. The UK adopts different school district systems depending on the region, so the primary schools that can be attended may vary depending on the place of residence. Therefore, it is important to consider school options when deciding on a place to live. We gather information on school reputation, facilities, curriculum, and exam results. Depending on your situation, visiting schools in person to get an impression is also important.

As an outsourcing provider for expatriate management tasks of the Human Resources and General Affairs department

For UK-based multinational companies with expatriate employees, outsourcing expatriate management tasks to a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider like us can result in focusing on core business, cost reduction, and streamlining of operations. We provide relocation services to individual expatriates through contracts with companies, allowing them to concentrate on their main duties immediately after their arrival. We also offer comprehensive support to accompanying family members, helping to alleviate any concerns. Our services include cultural assistance to help adapt to the local culture and customs, as well as guidance and support for language schools and cultural programs.

Process of implementing expat management services

Implementation period: 1 to 2 months

Process of implementing expat management services

Examples of HR and General Affairs department tasks for Japanese companies in the UK

Examples of HR and GA department tasks

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