Office Set-up and Relocation Support

UK and Major European Countries

We provide assistance to Japanese companies when expanding into the UK and major European countries or when relocating within the region. We can support various administrative and legal tasks to help streamline the process of establishing or transferring your office.

UK Real Estate Investment

We provide support for real estate investment in the UK, focusing on asset diversification and property purchases for the purpose of investment or relocation. Our services aim to assist you in finding suitable properties and provide guidance throughout the process.

Expatriate Relocation Services

UK and Europe, HR and GA department support (expatriate assignments - return)

We provide support to ensure that the Human Resources and General Affairs departments can focus on their primary responsibilities. Our services assist in various tasks related to expatriate assignments, from departure to repatriation, allowing your department to concentrate on core business functions.

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Kens Global Support

We, as a comprehensive relocation company, specialize in providing services tailored to Japanese companies. In addition to various types of support related to setting up new offices and stores in the UK and major European countries, as well as assistance with local relocations within the UK, we also offer comprehensive living support for expatriates. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to our clients' businesses as an outsourcer for general affairs, human resources, and legal tasks related to these services.

Services provided by Kens Global Support

Office set-up and relocation support
(UK and major European countries)

We assist Japanese companies in their administrative and legal tasks when expanding into the UK and major European countries or relocating within the region. Our staff, knowledgeable about the support required by Japanese companies, local business practices, and relevant regulations, efficiently provide assistance in various tasks. We aim to help establish an office environment that meets the specific needs of our clients in a timely manner.

List of Services:

  • Property research and market analysis
  • Project planning and management
  • Legal support for office set-up and relocation
  • IT infrastructure establishment
  • Support for property management"
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UK real estate investment

We provide support for real estate investments in the UK with the aim of asset diversification and property purchases based on relocation. Our experienced consultants, equipped with specialized knowledge, will listen to your needs, clarify your requirements, conduct property investigations, and provide tailored recommendations, including advice. Additionally, for investment opportunities, we also offer guidance on income property management and investment exit strategies.

List of Services:

  • Providing information related to real estate investment
  • Consulting services for real estate purchase, rental, and management
  • Consulting services for real estate selling (investment exit)
  • Real estate purchase consulting for moving to the UK
  • Real estate-related consulting for repatriation Support for arranging housing for elderly individuals in Japan
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Expatriate Relocation Service

UK and Europe, HR and GA department support
(expatriate assignments - return)

We provide support to the Human Resources and General Affairs departments, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities. Our company offers high-quality one-stop relocation support, ensuring that the assignees and their families can start their new lives overseas without stress. Additionally, we provide support for a comfortable, safe, and secure living experience throughout the duration of the assignment, from departure to repatriation.

List of Services:

  • Advice and support for lease renewal, early termination, and move-out
  • Support for property contract during relocation
  • Pre-departure online orientation
  • Arrangement and booking of serviced apartments
  • Proxy support for property search
  • Coordination and attendance for property viewings
  • Temporary provision of holding deposit
  • Support for property contract-related matters
  • Move-in coordination and inventory check-in
  • Assistance with setting up various utility services, internet accounts, and council tax
  • Support for repair requests and maintenance issues at the property
  • Support for opening a bank account
  • Introduction to Japanese used car dealerships and car leasing
  • Introduction to household insurance
  • Advice on enrolling children in schools
  • Outsourcing destination for HR in expatriate management tasks
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